We are Gerard Truyols, Lara Esmel, Iris Valls and we have written about films.


The movie deals with one baby that is like an adult and he wants that people look more to the babies than to the animals.


I don’t like the movie because it isn’t real but the graphics are really good for a kids movie. I recommend it for childrne of 3-9.


This is a film of action deal with a woman superhero, Daiana. She is the princess of a small village of women called “Amazones”. They live in a island which God Zeus gave for project of the God Ares. When she is old, she trains to fight in the war. She meets a boy and she goes to the II world war. She figths for Ares, the God of War.


I like this film very much, the story is well made, a mix of reals facts and irreal facts. The story is easy to understand. The special effects are good. You can find scenes of love, moments of laugh and of fear. The final is the only you don’t understand.


The film is about people that work in the space and want to go to undiscovered planets and investigate new creatures, plants... When they arrive to a strange planet, suddenly, it appears a scary creature that inserts baby aliens to three people of the group and, finally, they are killed by the baby aliens.

From the other members of the group, two were killed by the giant alien and the others survived.


I really like this movie because it has a lot of action and scary moments. I would define it like a horror film because it has a lots of scary moments. I recommend this film for +12 years old people.

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