Hello, we are Oriol, Aran and Aniol and we are writing about Clash Royale, which is a videogame for mobile phones.

It’s a game with lots of cards to fight in the battles against other people online. If you want, you can stay in a clan, which is a group with other people. In the clan, you have a chat where you can talk with the other people in the clan. You can also give cards to the others in the clan and they also can give you cards. There are different types of cards: common, special, epic and legendary. If you win a battle, you win a chest. There are different types of chest: silver chest, golden chest, giant chest, magic chest, epic chest and legendary chest. Every two hours you win a free chest. There’s a shop where you can buy chests (with gems) and cards (with gold). In the chest you win money (gold) and different cards. You have five decks with eight cards. In the battles you have three towers as the other player. You have to destroy his three towers. If you win the battle, you win cups. There are eleven arenas and ten leagues. Depending on your cups, you are in a different arena or league. If you have one hundred gems, you can create a tournament with fifty people. Every week or month the game creates new cards and events.

Link to download the game:

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